Logo Design

Brand identity is important for brand or business recognition. Certainly working on a great logo design is an important part of your strategy.

Logo Design Portfolio

Choose the style of logo you want for your business or simply browse my logo design portfolio for curiosity’s sake. You will find some conceptual designs that I created for fun, similarly you will find commissioned work I had fun creating.

What are the different types of logos?

There are different types of logos, for example, monograms are logos where letters are woven together to form a symbol.


What my clients are saying

“Kyle Gransaull did an absolutely amazing job on our website and logo and continues to do fantastic work on our social media marketing. He is extremely thorough and took the time to understand our wants and needs. He went and continues to go above and beyond in exceeding our expectations. Thanks to Kyle Gransaull, our company image is in line with our goals and values.”


~ Mariana | Green e-Recycling

On The Book Shelf

Reading is a great way to learn decades worth of experience in a short space of time. However we must also apply these new findings to our lives or we’re just wasting useful knowledge.

 Logo Design Love

“A successful design may meet the goals set in your design brief, but a truly enviable iconic design will also be simple, relevant, enduring, distinctive, memorable, and adaptable.”

~ David Airey, Author of the must read book Logo Design Love

Keep an eye out for more book links throughout the website.