Create an effective user experience that transitions seamlessly from the desk to the pockets of your audience.

Web Design Process

In order to create a website that conveys the right message efficiently and effectively, we will need to learn more about your business, your goals, and your target audience.

Depending on the scope of the project we may schedule a meeting after reviewing the design brief.

An agreed upon list of project objectives will form the web design brief and lay the groundwork for us to make clearer decisions during the web design process.

Studying your company, its history, and its competitors, as well as your target audience will inform us how to create a website that accurately represents your companies values and personality.

In addition, learning more about your company and target audience will help us align your goals with their needs.

The structure and relevance of your content is important for an efficient, effective website. The content of your website must align with the objectives of the web design brief.

Bringing it all together in an informative, engaging user experience.

Once the site goes live minor changes are expected and included.

Testing the user experience, performance and search engine optimization of your live website.

Wordpress maintenance is strongly advised in keeping your site up to date to avoid conflicts and security issues to your website, and your customers.

Web Design Portfolio


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